Ahmad Beran

Ahmad Beran is a junior at North Broward Preparatory School and a member of the 5410 Eaglebotics FRC team. He works primarily on helping with social media and scouting for the team. Outside of school, he spends time on pursuing his interests in reading and PC games.


Brett Roth

Brett Roth is a junior at the North Broward Preparatory School. He is currently serving as the FRC team's Project Manager and oversees the building and maintenance of the school's competition robot. In addition to being a part of the robotics program, Brett is a member of the school's Senior Thespian program, a cast member of the school's play, and a member of the Varsity Golf team.

Josh Zimmerman

Josh Zimmerman is a junior at NBPS.  He excels in math and science and enjoys computer programming and engineering. Joshua is a member of FRC team 5410, and FTC team 9986. For the past three summers, Joshua devoted himself to volunteering for JCC, assisting children and parents with learning how to use computers and technology.

Jenna Burns

Jenna Burns is currently a junior (Class of 2019) in North Broward Preparatory School. She takes all AP, IB, and Honors classes, but most of her interest lies in science and mathematics. Engineering and business tracks are currently what interests her most for upcoming years, however she has many other passions such as creative writing, video and photo editing, photography, community service, music, and competitive soccer. She is an active member in Key Club, Hands On Broward's goLEAD program, FRC, National Honors Society, and Varsity Soccer within the North Broward community. Her interest in robotics is newly founded and this is her second year in association with Eaglebotics.

Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell is an up and coming engineer with an appreciation for science, robotics, and math. He is a co-founder of FTC team 8754 (Elektro). He plays golf, basketball, and sails competitively. He has taught about robotics to his previously attended middle school on multiple occasions and has inspired kids to start in FIRST robotics. He enjoys 3D printing, programming, and innovating. On FRC team 5410 (Eaglebotics), Kevin serves in a leadership role on the mechanical team and is on the robot drive team as the driver.


Milo Gilad

Milo Gilad is a freshman at North Broward Prep, and the current Project Manager and Web Designer of the team. He is interested in all things computers, whether it’s writing code or providing technical support to his peers. He is a recent addition to the team, and works on creating the software that will power the robots the team produces. His dream job is within the field of cybersecurity.

Owen Jackson

Owen Jackson is a Sophomore at North Broward Prep. He enjoys engineering and robotics, as well as watching and making movies, and playing video games. He has been doing robotics for 4 years, and hopes to continue. He enjoys going on trips with the team, and participating in this amazing experience with the new friends he's made because of the team.

Paul Oppenhiemer

Paul is a freshman at NBPS. He loves computer science and joined the robotics team to get a better understanding of engineering. Last summer he was a counselor at the NBPS Fab Lab summer camp. Paul helps the team organize their software and helps comes up with solutions to big problems.

Stephanie Jiron

Stephanie Jiron is in the 11th grade at North Broward Preparatory School. She enjoys learning new things and challenging herself. She helps on video part of the robotic competitions and help build the robot when she is not working on the video. She is also a part of many other organizations and clubs around her school like Art club and National Honor Society.