Andrew Kuczynski

Andrew Kuczynski is a graduate from the North Broward Preparatory school. He will be majoring in computer science at the University of Florida. One of Andrew's favorite pastimes is playing hockey, which is why he was the captain of North Broward's Varsity Ice Hockey team. Overall, Andrew's commitment to North Broward Prep was both serious and passionate. Go Eagles!

Avery McGettigan

Avery McGettigan is currently a junior at the North Broward Preparatory School. She loves trying to capture the excitement of our program whether during build season, at competitions, or at community events. Avery enjoys encouraging more girls to enter into the STEM field. Avery loves sports and competed on both the NB Varsity Swim team and the NB Varsity Softball team. She is also a full-time volunteer at Parkland Buddies.


Brady McGettigan

Brady McGettigan is fascinated by the intersection of the arts, science, and math. Brady was in charge of our Eaglebotics graphics and designed the team logo. Additionally, she was part of the Eaglebotics Spirit team and sometimes put on the Eagle mascot costume to rev the team up. Brady was on the Varsity Basketball and Varsity Softball teams as well as being a full-time volunteer at Parkland Buddies. Go Eaglebotics!

Joshua P. Kent

Joshua P. Kent was the team's Mechanical Head until he graduated in 2017. He took AP and honors courses and did quite well in them. He loves the maths and the sciences and the teachers who teach them. He wishes to follow in his brother's footsteps in becoming a civil engineer.


Jevvy (Jiayu) Li

Jevvy (Jiayu) Li is a North Broward alumni. She is attracted to all sorts of technology and is fascinated by the power and potential of robotics. She was a mechanical assistant in the team; she helped assemble the robot. Jiayu was also in the Math and Engineering clubs at the school. She is going to college for engineering.


Ryan Sandler

Ryan Sandler was the team's web designer. Ryan enjoys learning about mathematics, science, and technology. His greatest passion lies in helping others learn. Ryan hopes to improve schools by helping students learn to think through problems. He finds that programming in robotics is a particularly useful (not to mention entertaining) application of mathematics. In his spare time, Ryan also enjoys playing classical and jazz piano, nitpicking over grammatical issues, and helping others with technology.


Scarlett (Shu) Pan

Scarlett (Shu) Pan is interested in science and technology. She thinks it's amazing that people can come up with ideas with their brains and invent something new by hand to benefit people everywhere. Shu is a proud alumni of team 5410 Eaglebotics, having been a mechanical systems engineer.

Steve (Jingcheng) Shi

Steve (Jingcheng) Shi is an NBPS alumni fond of economics and computer science. He is always interested in the study and the practice of business and software programming. On the team, Steve is helping Egon Oppelt propose a team business plan to collect sponsors and organize the team for future development.

Travis Ryckewaert

Travis Ryckewaert is a senior at the North Broward Preparatory School and a member of the Eaglebotics FRC team. This is his first year on the Eaglebotics team, and he has worked in both the programming and mechanical departments. Travis enjoys playing video games, traveling, and playing tennis. m will continue his education at the University of Florida, where he will study computer engineering.